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BAT is now an Apple verified virtual currency (confirmed by Brendan Eich & team in London) — first ERC20

Apple has rules about which virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) are accepted on the iOS store:
"If your app enables people to purchase goods or services that will be consumed outside of the app, you must use purchase methods other than in-app purchase to collect those payments, such as Apple Pay or traditional credit card entry. Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, DogeCoin) provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions."
That is, you may only create iOS apps that facilitate the exchange of virtual currencies that have been approved by apple. Only a few are officially listed in the terms & conditions (e.g., Bitcoin) as of now. According to, this is the current list of approved currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dogecoin Dao Dash Digicash Americoin Ethereum Ethereum Classic Lite Coin Lisk Monero Ripple Steam Tether Waves ZCash.
According to this list, Basic Attention Token (BAT) may be the first ERC20 to be accepted on the app store.
Source: Brendan (CEO of BAT/Brave, inventor of Javascript, founder of Mozilla and Firefox) gave a talk in London yesterday on blockchain and advertising where he disclosed the news to attendees. The statement was then confirmed by Luke Mulks, Senior Ad Tech on the BAT team on BAT's official telegram.
Confirmation screenshot here:
P.S., Bart Baker in the transcript is a YouTuber who's now promoting BAT and has 10 million subscribers.
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