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Fascist FDA bans 23andme from provide health analysis. Just uploaded my genome to promethease and paid with Bitcoin. Amaze.

Fascist FDA bans 23andme from provide health analysis. Just uploaded my genome to promethease and paid with Bitcoin. Amaze. submitted by Galiano-Tiramani-BTC to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Would there be any interest in getting 23andme to accept bitcoin?

I know a lot of the community does not like giving out a lot or any information to companies/government, but there are some of us that are also interested in both Bitcoin and DNA/genomics. The cool thing about bitcoin is if it were accepted by 23andme you could pay for a test without being potentially identified through your credit card. (You don't have to put your real name to take the test)
I myself have bought 8 kits from them and would have rather paid with bitcoin. Would anyone in this community potentially be interested if they accepted bitcoin as payment? I asked 23andme and got a reply from another person that used to work with them saying that there would be no benefit for 23andme as they believe there would be no interest or similarities from our community to warrant accepting it. I want to gauge interest on whether or not there is interest from the community. Edit: for those of you that don't know: 23andme is a genomics and biotechnology company that sells a $99 dna test which allow for you to search and talk to relatives also on the site. They also provide ancestry information etc.
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The Daily Decrypt: Avoid Cryptsy. 23andMe returns. Bitcoin & Bittorrent have a baby.

The Daily Decrypt: Avoid Cryptsy. 23andMe returns. Bitcoin & Bittorrent have a baby. submitted by smidge to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Fascist FDA bans 23andme from provide health analysis. Just uploaded my genome to promethease and paid with Bitcoin. Amaze.

Fascist FDA bans 23andme from provide health analysis. Just uploaded my genome to promethease and paid with Bitcoin. Amaze. submitted by PixMasterz to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

The Daily Decrypt: Avoid Cryptsy. 23andMe returns. Bitcoin & Bittorrent have a baby.

The Daily Decrypt: Avoid Cryptsy. 23andMe returns. Bitcoin & Bittorrent have a baby. submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

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- 23andme Get atleast 10% off your genealogy adventure at 23andme.
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Season 6 Opening Credits – Company Logo Changes and Additions / Comparison to Season 1-5

In good practice, tradition and duty I expanded the list 😃
List of companies shown:
Season 1
Season 2 (additions / changes)
Season 3 (additions / changes)
Season 4 (additions / changes)

Season 5 (additions / changes)
Did I miss something? Let me know and I'll add it to the list!
Redditor lkalashnikov created a video comparison with a lot more hidden details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7oV45qTBeM
Amazing work! Check it out!

Season 6 (additions / changes)
Please let me know if something is missing.
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Season 5 Intro – Company logo changes and additions in comparison to season 1-4

In good tradition and duty I expanded the list 😃
List of companies shown:
Season 1
Season 2 (additions / changes)
  • AOL (now completely replaced by Facebook)
  • MySpace (replaced by smaller startups + ATD / re/code
  • Adobe (cut out, due to different framing)
  • LinkedIn (cut out, due to different framing)
  • PayPal (cut out, due to different framing)
  • All Things D
  • re/code
  • Uber
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus Rift
  • Alibaba Group
  • 23andme
  • Clinkle
  • Appcelerator
  • Anybots
Season 3 (additions / changes)
  • Alphabet now thrones over Google
  • Amazon Prime drones in the shape of a DJI Phantom
  • Tesla where the old Apple building was
  • Yahoo’s logo is getting smaller, while Alibaba Group’s is gaining size
  • Soylent food trucks instead of the BBQ ones
  • Napster (the balloon got replace with one of Lyft, which is bumping into Uber = battle for market share)
Season 4 (additions / changes)
  • REDDIT logo shown for a fraction of a second
  • PayPal (new logo, almost out of frame)
  • LinkedIn added, but almost out of frame
  • Zynga logo now hidden in shadow
  • Snapchat ghost floating around
  • Dropbox
  • Yelp
  • Wunderlist logo appears
  • Vine logo now attached to Twitter and quickly thrown in the trash
  • Theranos + FBI trucks
  • Uber (new logo, bigger balloon) + taxis and tents in the park to represent the protests against Uber
  • Lyft is now more aggressively battling for more market share with Uber
  • DiDi Chuxing balloon above Uber’s
  • Pinterest has a building
  • AirBnB
  • Amazon Prime Air drones that don't look like DJI's
  • Slack added
  • Twitch added
  • Nest added
  • Kind financials added
  • Samsung building behind Apple’s space ship
  • Porta pottys behind the Soylent truck
  • Private jets flying in and dumping money on Oculus Rift
  • Housemoving truck next to Alibaba? (Referencing the explosion of housing prices in SF)
  • people living in RVs were added behind Soylent truck
  • ladder to Twitter logo with varying person standing on top of it (rumors about change of leadership?)
Season 5 (additions / changes)
  • Uber and Lyft replace Theranos and Slack office-buildings and the balloons are gone (more stable and established?)
  • Uber and Lyft - detail of people transferring from Uber to Lyft by walking across a bridge connecting the buildings, as if to signify they're jumping ship
  • also money is pouring out of Uber's building, as if someone was literally throwing it out of the window
  • stack of Bitcoin-coins with Coinbase logo on top
  • excavator added next other growing stacks (silver = LiteCoin, the other gold one shows the Ethereum Logo) as a symbol for mining
  • Tesla-Semi trucks everywhere
  • less Soylent trucks, except a last stationary one
  • Amazon Prime Air drones that carry a Whole Foods package, as well as Amazon Prime packages
  • DiDi Chuxing balloon
  • Apple Park construction finished
  • Juicero added with huge building, immediately abandonned
  • Facebook got a bigger ad-like billboard, which glitches to display a version of their logo in cyrillic
  • Facebook no longer ends up covering Whatsapp and Oculus, but remains beside them
  • Alibaba
  • Yahoo
  • ladder to Twitter logo has been removed and Twitter logo is growing in size
Did I miss something? Let me know and I'll add it to the list!
Redditor lkalashnikov created a video comparison with a lot more hidden details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7oV45qTBeM
Amazing work! Check it out!
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Numerical, A-C 10k-50k

0xProject 100DaysofKeto 100pushups 100thieves 11foot8 1200isfineIGUESSugh 1200isjerky 1200isplentyketo 13ReasonsWhy 15minutefood 1911 195 1DaySkill 23andme 24hoursupport 2b2t 2mad4madlads 30PlusSkinCare 32dollars 360video 3Blue1Brown 3d6 3Dmodeling 3DSdeals 3dsFCswap 3dsmax 3dspiracy 40k 40kOrkScience 45thworldproblems 4chanExploitables 4ChanMeta 4hourbodyslowcarb 4Runner 4x4 4Xgaming 52book 52weeksofcooking 5ToubunNoHanayome 6thForm 7daystodie 80s 80sdesign 80smusic 90dayfianceuncensored 90daysgoal 90s 90sAlternative 90scartoons 90sdesign 90sHipHop 90smusic 9gag 9M9H9E9

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaacccccccce AAF_Football abandoned ABCC ABCDesis abletonlive ABraThatDoesntFit AbruptChaos absolutelynotanimeirl absoluteunit absolver abv AcademicBiblical AcademicPhilosophy AcademicPsychology AccidentalArtGallery AccidentalCamouflage AccidentalCosplay AccidentalKubrick accidentallycommunist accidentallyliberian accidentalrockwell AccidentalShoeLoss AccidentalSlapStick accidentalsurrealism accidentaltopgear AccurateBattleSim Accutane AceAttorney acecombat Achain_Official Achievement_Hunter ACMilan acne acorns ACPocketCamp ACT acting ActionFigures ACTrade actualconspiracies actuary acturnips adderall addiction Adelaide adhd_anxiety adhdmeme adidas AdmiralBulldog AdobeIllustrator adops Adoption AdoptMyVillager AdorableDragons adorableoldpeople adrenaline ads adult_toys adultery Adulting AdultsAreFuckinStupid adultswim advancedentrepreneur AdvancedProduction AdvancedRunning adventures AdventuresOfSabrina AdviceAtheists aelfofficial AerialPorn aerospace AerospaceEngineering Aerum aesthetic aestheticrain aesthetics Affiliatemarketing AFL AFOL Africa AfterTheLoop againstmensrights Agario agedlikewine ageofsigmar aggies agile agnostic Agraelus Agriculture AgriculturePorn Ahegao_IRL AhriMains Ai_Shinozaki AirBnB airplaneears airplanes airplants airpods airsoftmarket AirSwimming airz23 AITA ak47 akalimains AkameGaKILL Alabama AlAnon AlanWatts alaska albania alberta albiononline Albuquerque alchemy AlcoholGifRecipes alcoholicsanonymous alcoholism aldi Aleague alexa AliceEve Alienware Aliexpress AlignmentCharts AlissaViolet AliveCasino_AL ALLIVE_Official allthingsprotoss AllThingsTerran allthingszerg almosthomeless AlmostParkour alpinism alteredcarbon AlternateHistory AlternativeHealth AlternativeHistory Alternativerock AlyRaisman Amanda_Seyfried AmandaEliseLee amateur_boxing amateurfights AmateurPhotography amateurradio AmazingTechnology amazonprime amazonreviews AmazonUnder5 AmazonWTF Amber_Heard ambien ambientmusic ambigrams AMD_Stock americangods Ameristralia AmIFreeToGo Amigurumi AmISexy Amouranth Amsterdam amv AmyAdams AnadeArmas AnaheimDucks AnalogCommunity analogygifs analytics Anarchy101 AnarchyChess AnastasiyaKvitko AncientAliens AncientCivilizations ancientegypt ancientgreece ancienthistory ancientrome Androgynoushotties android_beta AndroidAuto androidcirclejerk AndroidMasterRace AndroidTV angelsbaseball Anger AngieVarona AngieVaronaLegal angrycatpics angular Angular2 Animal_Sanctuary AnimalCollective AnimalRights Animals AnimalsBeingConfused AnimalsBeingGeniuses AnimalsBeingLoveable AnimalsBeingPerfect AnimalsBeingSleepy animalsbeingstupid AnimalsFailing animalslookingatfood AnimalsMonching animalssmiling AnimalsWithoutNecks Animedubs AnimeFigures animelegwear animememes animemusic animenews AnimePhoneWallpapers animepiracy animeponytails AnimeSketch Anki anllelasagra Anna_Faith Anna_Louise annakendrick AnnArbor AnneHathaway anno anonymous ANormalDayInAmerica ANormalDayInJapan ansible anthologymemes Anti_Meme AntiAntiJokes antiassholedesign antibaw AntifascistsofReddit antifastonetoss antimeme antinatalism Antiques antivax AntiVaxxers antiwork Antshares AnxietyDepression Anxietyhelp AnythingGoesNews AnythingGoesPics AOC apex_legends ApexOutlands APH aphextwin apocalympics2016 ApocalypsePorn AppleByteMe applehelp AppleMusic appleswap appletv AppNana apps aprilfools APStudents aquaponics aquarium Aquascape AquaSwap AR10 arabs arcadefire archeage Archeology ArchivePorn arcticmonkeys ArduinoProjects ArenaHS arenaofvalor ARG ArianaGrandeAss arielwinter arizona Arkansas ArkEcosystem ARKone arkps4 ArmoredWarfare armoredwomen ARMS AROOOOOOO AroundTheNFL ArtBuddy ArtCrit ArtDeco ArtHistory Artifact ArtificialInteligence ArtistLounge ArtOfRolling artstore AsABlackMan asatru Asch_Platform Asexual asexuality Ashens asheville Ashley_Graham asianamerican asianbeautyexchange asianeats asianfitgirls AsianGirls AsianGirlsWithGlasses AsianLadyboners AsianMasculinity AsianParentStories Asiantraps AsiaTripper ask Ask_Politics ask_transgender askashittydoctor AskAShittyMechanic AskAstrologers askastronomy AskBaking askcarsales AskComputerScience AskDrugNerds askdrugs AskEconomics AskEurope AskFeminists AskFoodHistorians AskGameMasters AskGames AskHistory AskHR AskLEO AskLiteraryStudies AskLosAngeles AskMarketing askmeaboutmyjob AskNYC AskOldPeople AskParents AskPhotography AskPhysics AskProgramming askpsychology AskScienceDiscussion askseddit AskSF AskStatistics AskTechnology AskThe_Donald askTO AskTrollX AskVet AskWomenOver30 asl asoiafcirclejerk ASOUE aspergirls aspiememes AssassinsCreedOdyssey assettocorsa AssPotatoCucumberDog astrologymemes astrologyreadings Astroneer astrophysics Astros ASU ATAAE AteThePasta atheismrebooted AtlantaHawks AtlantaTV AtlantaUnited AtomicPorn atoptics ATT AubreyPlaza auckland audible audio audiobooksonyoutube audiodrama Audiomemes audiophilemusic AudioPost augmentedreality AusFinance auslaw AustralianCattleDog AustralianMakeup AustralianPolitics AustralianShepherd austrian_economics autism AutoChess Autoflowers Automate autotldr AutumnPorn avengedsevenfold AverageBattlestations AVexchange aviationmaintenance aviationpics AVINOC AVoid5 avporn awardtravel AwesomeOffBrands aww_gifs awwakeup awwgifs awwnverts awwtf AXELNetwork axolotls Ayahuasca ayylmao AZCardinals aznidentity AZURE AzureLane

babies babushkadogs BABY_ANIMAL_GIFS babyduckgifs babyhippogifs BABYMETAL babyrhinogifs babywearing Backcountry BackgroundArt backpacks BacktotheFuture BackYardChickens Bacon BadAssShaggy BadAtCat badcode badeconomics badlegaladvice badlinguistics badmathematics BadMensAnatomy badMovies BadMUAs badparents badparking badpeoplestories badphilosophy badpolitics BadRocketLeagueGoals badroommates badscience badtaxidermy badUIbattles baduk Bailey_Powell bakchodi bakedart bakeoff bald baldursgate balisong BALLET ballpython baltimore BaltimoreAndDCr4r bangalore BanGDream Banished banjo Banking Banksy banned BannedFromThe_Donald bapcsalescanada bapeheads BarbaraPalvin BarbaraWalters4Scale Barca Barcelona BarcodePorn bardmains BarefootRunning barista Barry Barthor Basebaww BaseBuildingGames bash Basketball BasketballTips bassfishing bassnectar BatFacts BatmanArkham BATProject Battleborn battlebots battlecats battlefield3 battlefield_live battlefront BattlefrontTWO Battlegrounds BattleJackets battlemaps BattlePaintings BattleRite Battletechgame Battletops battlewagon batty baww bayeuxtapestry BCoinsg beach BeachCity Beachporn beadsprites beagle BeansInThings BearCubGIFs BeardedDragons BeardPorn bears BearsWithBeaks beatlescirclejerk Beatmatch beatsaber BeatzCoin BeautifulFemales BeautyAddiction BeautyDiagrams becomeaman BedroomBands bee_irl beermoneyglobal beerwithaview bees beforeandafteredit BeforePost beginnerprojects BeginnerWoodWorking Beginning_Photography BehavioralEconomics behindthephoto BehindTheTables BellaThorne Bellingham bending bengals BenignExistence Bento benzodiazepines berkeley berlin bernesemountaindogs BernieSanders berserklejerk Besiege Best_tattoos Bestbuy BestOfAmazonPrime bestofcraigslist BestOfLiveleak bestofTLDR bestoftwitter bestofWritingPrompts BethesdaSoftworks Beto2020 BettermentBookClub BGCCircleJerk Bgogo bi_irl Bible bicycletouring bigbangedmemes bigbangtheory BigChungus bigdata bigfoot BigMouth bigniggasaga bigseo bikepacking Bikeporn bikesgonewild bikewrench BillAndPhil BillBurr billiards billieeilish Billions billwurtzmemes BinanceExchange BingeEatingDisorder bingingwithbabish Biochemistry bioinformatics bioniclelego bioniclememes biotech bipolar2 BipolarReddit birding birdpics BirdsForScale birdstakingthetrain Birmingham birthcontrol birthofasub bisexualadults bitcademyfb BitchImATrain bitcoin_uncensored BitcoinCA Bitcoincash BitcoinMining bitcoinxt BitLifeApp BitMarket blackberry blackbookgraffiti BlackClover Blackfellas blackfriday BlackHair BlackHairedGirls blackholedmemes blackladies BlackMetal blackops2 Blackout2015 BlackPink blacksmithing BladeAndSorcery bladeandsoul bladerunner Bladesmith blakelively Blazblue blazbluextagbattle BleachBraveSouls bleachshirts blessedcomments Blink182 Blizzard blockchainio Blogging blogs blogsnark blok bloodbowl blowit Bluegrass BlueJackets BlueOrigin blues bluesguitarist Blup blurrypicturesofcats blurrypicturesofdogs BManiaNSFW bmx Boardgamedeals BoardwalkEmpire boating boatporn bobdylan bobross boburnham bodegaboys BodyAcceptance bodymods BodyPaintNSFW Bogleheads Boise BokuNoMetaAcademia BoldmanCapital bollywood Bombing bonehealingjuice Bongocat boniver bonnaroo BonsaiPorn Booette boogie2988 bookbinding bookclapreviewclap bookexchange bookhaul booklists bookquotes bookshelf BoomBeach boomershumor boostedboards BoostForReddit bootleg_memes bootroom BorderCollie BorderlandsPreSequel Borderporn BoringCompany borrow borussiadortmund Boruto Bossfightarena BossFights BossfightUniverse BostonBruins BostonSocialClub BostonTerrier bostontrees BotanicalPorn botany botsrights bottlebrush botw boulder bowhunting Bowling Boxer BPDlovedones BPDmemes bptcg BradyHaran brakebills brandnew brandonsanderson BranWinsTheThrone brasilivre bravefrontier Braveryjerk Braves BravoRealHousewives Brawlhalla BrazilianBabes breakingbadcomics breakingmom breastfeeding Breathless BreedingDittos Brewers brewing brexit BrickBlock bridezillas BrieLarson bristol britishcolumbia BritishTV britpics BroadCity Broadway Brochet BrokeHobbies Brooklyn brownbeauty brownman Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt bruhmoment BryceDallasHoward BSD BSG btd6 BTFC BTS buccaneers buccos budgetveggie Buffalo buffalobills buffy bugout buildmeapc bujo bulbasaurmasterrace bulgaria Bulldogs Bumble BundleOfBrittany BunniesStandingUp burgers BurningMan Business_Ideas BusinessHub BusinessIntelligence businessschool BusinessTantrums Busty_Petite Buttcoin BuzzFeedUnsolved BytecoinBCN

c137 C_Programming C_S_T cabins cablefail cablegore CableManagement cactus cad cade cafe CafeRacers CAguns cakeday cakedecorating Cakes CAKEWIN CalamariRaceTeam calculus CalgaryFlames CallMeCarson CallMeKevin callofcthulhu CallOfDutyBlackOps4 CallOfDutyWorldWarTwo calmhands caloriecount camaro Cameras CamilaCabello CamillaHasselgaard CampfireCooking camphalfblood canadaguns CanadianForces CanadianInvestor CanadianMOMs canadients canberra cancer candiceswanepoel canes cannabiscultivation Canning CannotWatchScottsTots canon canucks Capitalism CapitalismVSocialism caps CaptainDisillusion CaptainSparklez CaptchaArt capybara CaraDelevingne CarAV carbage carcrash CardiB Cardinals carlhprogramming CarmellaRose CarolineVreeland Carpentry CartoonGangsters cartoons Cascadia Casefile caseyneistat CasiDavis cassetteculture cassiebrown CastleRockTV castlevania CastRecordings casualknitting casualnintendo CasualPokemonTrades cat cataclysmdda Catan catapult_memes catastrophicsuccess Catbun CatCircles 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ContemporaryArt content_marketing ContestOfChampions ContraPoints CookieClicker cookiedecorating cookingvideos CoolCollections coolgithubprojects copywriting corgibutts CorgiGifs Cornell CornGuy Corridor Corsair corsets Cortex_Official Corvette Cosmere cosmoandwanda cosmology Cosmos cosplayers cosplayprops Costco cotrader couchsurfing CougarsAndCubs CounterCreeped counterstrike counting country CourtneyTailor CoutureReps coversongs covfefe cowboybebop coys Cplusplus cpp_questions CPTSD CPUCS Cr1TiKaL crabseatingthings CrackedColdCases CrackheadCraigslist CrackStatus CrackSupport CraftBeer craftit craigslist CrapperDesign crappycontouring CrappyDesign2 crappymusic crashbandicoot crazyexgirlfriend CrazyHand crazystairs creativecoding creativewriting Creatures_of_earth CredibleDefense CRedit CreditCards CreditsOfficial CreedThoughts creepy_gif CreepyArt CreepyAskReddit creepyasterisks2 creepydesign creepygaming CreepyPastas cremposting CretinsoftheNightclub cricut crime criminalminds cripplingalcoholism criterion CriticalTheory Crittersoncapybaras croatia crochetpatterns CrohnsDisease cromch CroppedNorrisJokes CrossfitGirls CrossView CrowdPulledOnStage crtgaming Cruise Crunchyroll CrusadeMemes crusadersquest crypto_currency Crypto_General CryptocurrencyICO CryptocurrencyICOs cryptocurrencynewico cryptography CryptoSoul CryptoTechnology CryptoTrade CryptoTradingFloor Cryptozoology Crystals cs50 csbooks CSEducation CSeventVODs csgobetting csgomarketforum csgotrade csMajors CSRRacing2 css_irl csshelp Cthulhu cuba CubeWorld Cubs CucumbersScaringCats cuddlebuddies CuddlePuddle cuddleroll CulinaryPlating CulinaryPorn CultCinema cults culturalstudies Cumberbitches Cumtown cuntsdownunder Cuphead curb curiosityrover curiousvideos curlsinthesquatrack Currentlytripping cursed_cats cursedcursedcomments cursedgifs custommagic CustomPlayerCutscene cute CuteButHorrifying cutegirlgifs cutekorean cutelittlefangs cutenoobs CuteTraps cutouts cvsreceipts cyanogenmod Cyberbooty cyberlaws Cyberpunk_Music CyberVeinOfficial cyclocross cynicalbritofficial czech CZFirearms
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Networth/Accounts tracker
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- 23andme Get atleast 10% off your genealogy adventure at 23andme.
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We need to start pressuring companies in a big way to accept Bitcoin

Just the other day I wanted to upload my 23andme results to Promethease.com, so that I could view more detailed reports. It's only five bucks and my options were a credit card and bitcoin.
I preferred to use Bitcoin both for ease and privacy reasons, but when I tried to pay I basically had to pay 5 for the report and 5 dollars in transaction fees.
I walked my butt upstairs and got my credit card.
Companies need to start accepting BCH so I can spend my Bitcoin again.
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Doc.ai, My Investment Thesis (Blockchain + Deep Learning for Health)

I'm an advisor and early investor in this project. I've invested in this tokensale because I'm hoping that doc.ai will disrupt the deep learning health field the same way that bitcoin disrupted money, and CRISPR is disrupting genetic engineering.
Doc.ai NRN overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9z-HO7K7z0
We didn't talk about it in the video, but the founders as well as the advisors all have one thing in common - we are all driven by passion to find solutions to rare health problems.
My wife has had a rare autoimmune disease her entire life. Because it took her 30 years to get diagnosed and start treatment, her quality of life has been reduced, she's recently lost all of her hair and has to get blood transfusions annually as well as monthly Immunoglobulin G injections.
The side effects from the Prednisone she has been prescribed is causing her torturous pain at night. Had she been diagnosed earlier, the treatment would have greatly increased her quality of life. I am hopeful that a cure will be eventually found through immunotherapy/gene therapy.
It would have taken a deep learning diagnosis app minutes to scan her symptoms and blood tests to come up with an accurate prognosis of CVID, instead of the 8 year lag to diagnosis caused by the current inefficient medical system.
Joey Krug (Augur, Pantera) has a rare disease where he feels this technology could help find better medications based on genetics.
Walter and Sam (founders) have a child who suffers from seizures, they are driven by a passion of helping their son identify genetic or environmental triggers to reduce the symptoms of his condition.
Why a blockchain? People think "ai + blockchain is just buzz words" ... but the use case for blockchain is actually necessary in this case - censorship resistance.
Deep learning is being used in health already, the Chief Scientist of Doc.ai Jermey Howard did a Ted Talk about 2-3 years ago for his company Enlitic that created a doctor-facing deep learning tool for reading radiology images. (https://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_terrifying_implications_of_computers_that_can_learn?language=en)
This disruptive and exciting tool is currently in use at a few specialist hospitals. IBM Watson, Google DeepMind, Enlitic, etc all have effective machine learning technology that is currently being held back somewhat by regulations and compliance red tape/bloat.
I view Doc.ai as a way to expose this game-changing technology to everyone by tearing down barriers the same way bitcoin did. I'm supporting NRN and Doc.ai because if it's on a blockchain, and if enough people are using it, they can't shut it down or hold it back.
NRN tokens and the crowdsale opportunity. At the risk of not creating FOMO and not shilling the ICO of a project I've invested in, I'm honestly not as excited by the potential of invesment return of doc.ai as much as I'm excited by the implications of what this technology can do for humanity if they succeed.
I've invested in Doc.ai out of passion. This is an important problem to solve.
Whether it's through doc.ai "winning" from a technology perspective, or whether it proves the model for personalized AI owned by the people and disrupts the regulatory landscape, investing in Doc.ai is going too be a net positive for humanity, pushing forward the entire machine learning space.
I'm not telling you to invest in the token, I'm asking you to support the team's mission, and if you know anyone who is touched by a rare disease - I'm asking you to use the product when it's ready. The more data we have on people with rare diseases and medical mysteries, the more likely we will find correlations, solutions and cures.
This team can execute. Doc.ai team has some real machine learning OGs, Walter DeBrouwer has an impressive resume of working on conversational linguistics and personal medical technology.
He was at the helm of the Scanadu, which was one of the favourites for the XPrize trying to build the real life Tricorder and broke crowdfunding records on IndieGogo in 2013.
Consumers loved the device, but FDA put the brakes on approval. Frustrated, Walter left Scanadu to start Doc.ai, but he is still on the board of that company. After crowdfunding the company raised ~16 million privately and it's still operational.
Jeremy Howard is one of the leaders in the space, currently has 60,000 students at fast.ai and teaches deep learning at USF. Previously he was Chief Scientist at Kaggle which was just acquired by Google.
The team has some young machine learning prodigies, and I'm hoping now that merging it with blockchain and Ethereum, they will be able to attract more talented ethereum developers to work on the platform.
While it doesn't have the funding of Google and IBM, the hope is that the token model can incentivize blockchain developers, AI developers and users with medical mysteries to grow the network and work on these problems.
What can you do with the Neuron token? I can see 4 types of users and use cases for NRN and doc.ai. (This is my speculation)
1) Users and their families who have rare diseases or medical mysteries and rare genetic problems. They will earn NRN by adding data points and training the NLP chatbot. They will also spend NRN to incentivize data scientists to come up with correlations and scientific/biliogical/genetic discoveries related to their specific needs. 2) General users, medical students and friends/family of people with rare diseases who want to earn an income by helping to give the hot/cold inputs of the algorithms ... this could be like oracles in other projects. These general users could earn NRN tokens by specialist knowledge or general Turk tasks. 3) Companies looking for data. These companies (23andme?) could pay users for their medical data in NRN tokens. Doc.ai is already working with Deloitte and has relationships with other channel partners who are always hungry for data. 4) Data Scientists could try to solve medical mysteries in a Kaggle style bounty/contest, earning NRN tokens for their work.
Summary Using AI/deep learning to help people get diagnosed faster will greatly improve people's quality of life and life expectancy in most cases where treatment is an option.
Another exciting use case for this technology is advancing the entire field of AI+health through disrupting the current barriers that are placed by governments and regulatory bodies ... IBM or Google could turn on Deep Mind / Watson to solve a significant amount of genetic and medical mysteries ... but they are being strangled and held back right now.
(23andme lost their ability to show users health information related to their genomics for over a year when the FDA arbitrarily stepped in with a heavy hand.)
Incentivizing data scientists and deep learning algorithmic developers to solve medical mysteries with tokenization should lead to cures.
I'm excited about doc.ai, because like Bitcoin, once it's released and people are using it - it can't be shut down.
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Decentralized deep learning on a blockchain. AI owned by everyone (Bitcoin meets TensorFlow)

Is there anyone working on either a decentralized deep learning algorithm, or a consumer facing app that uses AI to help people diagnose themselves?
My wife was just diagnosed with CVID a couple of weeks ago, it's like AIDS except it's not Aquired, it's part genetic and part environmental - but it's a rare primary immunodeficiency disease.
She's had this her entire life. She's 33 years old, a wonderful mother to our 5 year old daughter, and beautiful singer, actor and writer. She was misdiagnosed 3 or 4 times, most recently she was eating gluten free for the last 8 years because she was diagnosed as celiac disease.
She's lost most of her hair over the last 6 months and has been in the hospital 3-4 times this year. It turns out, she never had celiac, she has always had CVID.
Where Deep Learning fits in. My wife should have been diagnosed in her childhood years, in fact, all it would have taken was a simple blood test to measure her antibody levels, and an Immunologist appointment.
With all of her symptoms, her medications and blood test results - a deep learning algorithm would have been able to suggest a proper diagnosis in a few minutes instead of the 30 years that it took for her to get properly diagnosed by just letting doctors do their thing.
The problem with diagnosing rare diseases: CVID affects 1 in 25,000 - 50,000 people, it's a rare disease where patients present with a myriad of symptoms and autoimmune problems. It's hard to get a correct diagnosis because a patient typically sees many different doctors to treat the different types of symptoms, and they don’t typically share information efficiently - nor do they have an incentive to properly diagnose her.
There should be a visually appealing, easily marketable app that combines machine learning and crowdsourced input from app users to give the "hot/cold" direction that will greatly improve time to diagnose these "zebra" cases.
The average lag time for CVID diagnosis is 6-7 years. This is common with most rare diseases. If my wife was diagnosed even 2 years ago, she would not have lost all of her hair.
The treatment for my wife’s condition is IVIG every 2-4 weeks, and it greatly improves quality of life and life expectancy. The earlier a rare disease is diagnosed, the better the quality of life.
The problem with doctor-facing AI solutions: I see that there are some machine learning startups, but they are mostly targeted towards health professionals. There’s resistance from doctors to adopt AI.
The problem is that this technology needs to be available for the patient, not just doctors, and not just specialists at John Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic.
Nobody is going to be as motivated and investing in someone's health as the person and their loved ones. Quite often, patients with diseases become more knowledgeable than the specialists treating them for the disease.
There’s a lot of knowledge to be tapped into there from the 'zebras' themselves.
Potential barriers to a centralized organization providing this solution: The FDA and drug companies are resistant to technologies that allow users to diagnose themselves. 23andme ran into issues with this. They just finally got FDA approval in October to start helping people agian (http://www.popsci.com/23andme-gets-fda-approval-for-direct-to-consumer-genetic-tests)
Some existing projects: A friend who sold his company to Salesforce for 70 million dollars introduced me to this TED talk shortly after my wife was diagnosed, where Jeremy Howard explains how deep learning works, and it’s potential applications: https://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_terrifying_implications_of_computers_that_can_learn?language=en
Jeremy's company Enlitic is using deep learning to help doctors come to a proper diagnosis faster, currently only focusing on radiology. Again, it's just doctor-facing.
www.findzebra.com is a search engine that you can input your symptoms, it uses something similar to deep learning to suggest possible health issues, but it doesn’t use AI. It crawls and indexes only curated medical sources.
Jeremy Gardner & the Augur guys introduced me to www.crowdmed.com which is a great solution for diagnosing rare diseases, but costly.
CrowdMed is a site where you tell your story, and then it uses crowdsourced knowledge to come to diagnosis suggestions. You pay a monthly fee of $299 - $749 a month, and then “medical detectives” investigate for you, and their predictive market algorithm ranks what the detectives submit.
Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum told me about www.numer.ai which is a competition that uses homomorphically encrypted machine learning to let people try to predict the stock market. It’s a way to anonymize data, to alleviate some concerns about people’s medical data being publicly available.
Xprize even has a $5 million dollar prize up with IBM Watson for AI http://www.xprize.org/ai
There's also openai.com, with names like Elon Musk & Sam Altman attached, it's a non-for-profit with a billion dollars committed, but they haven't yet released what their focus is.
Potential solution to being blocked by FDA etc: Decentralized deep learning on a blockchain, where users are rewarded tokens for providing the hot/cold and running the network. Think ethereum, bitcoin, etc.
In my limited understanding of machine learning, it seems that for a deep learning algorithm to learn, humans need to give it hot/cold inputs to the correlations it comes up with as it compares datasets (Jeremy’s ted talk video explains that)
My theory is that a decentralized deep learning algorithm on a blockchain could be built where the people giving hot/cold inputs are awarded with a token for doing the mechanical turk style work. When consensus is achieved, the people who were correct get rewarded. Similar to how Augur’s reporting system works, or bitcoin’s proof of work.
If users are rewarded for giving correct hot/cold inputs to help the deep learning AI learn about subjects, there’s a financial incentive to keep the network running.
Companies, individuals, universities, etc could tap into the algorithm to use it for whatever purpose they want - and they would pay to use it.
IE I want to build an application that uses deep learning to help diagnose rare diseases so people like my wife don’t have to suffer going undiagnosed and untreated their entire lives. I would pay to have the algorithm learn about the human body, how it works, diseases, treatments, etc. The users of the network get paid to "train it” with hot/cold inputs.
Is there anyone working on anything like this, whether it’s centralized or decentralized?
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Launching an Ancap Startup, Episode 4: Stephan Kinsella Joins LBRY; LBRY Open To All Linux/OSX Users

This is part of a regular series about launching a voluntarist startup, LBRY, a decentralized content marketplace aimed at disrupting Netflix and major media companies (previously 1 2 3).
The purpose of the series is to give a first hand account of what it's like to launch a company as well as discuss our company and the larger startup ecosystem with philosophical allies. Ask anything about LBRY, tech, startups, business, philosophy, marketing, PR, etc. and we'll answer!
As long as we continue to exist and these posts continue to get interest, we'll be here regularly. We interpret upvotes and downvotes as whether or not you want us here.
News & Content
If you're interested in an article, interview, review or other content about LBRY, let us know! Contact [email protected].
Releasing LBRY
Other Developments
More Background
Follow Along
If you want to know even more about what's happening with LBRY, join our list at lbry.io/get or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
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A list of people who haven't completely dismissed Bitcoin

This is not an attempt to convince anyone why Bitcoin will succeed, but merely to show that there exist reasonably intelligent people who believe there's a chance.
Paul Graham Co-founder of Y Combinator
I am very intrigued by Bitcoin. It has all the signs. Paradigm shift, hackers love it, yet it's derided as a toy. Just like microcomputers.
Peter Thiel Co-founder of PayPal His VC Founder's Fund led a $2m invesetment in BitPay
It is worth thinking about money as the bubble that never ends. There is this sort of potential that bitcoin could become this new phenomenon
Exclusive: Peter Thiel on Bitcoin
Eric Schmidt Google Chairman and former CEO
Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value. It’s very hard to do and it’s incredibly useful for many many computer applications. … The Bitcoin architecture, literally the ability to having these ledgers that can’t be replicated is an amazing advancement. A lot of businesses will be built on top of that... Eric Schmidt: The technology behind bitcoin has enormous value
Sir Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Group
I have invested in some bitcoins myself, and find it fascinating how a whole new global currency has been created. For people who can afford to invest a little in bitcoins, it’s worth looking into.
Bitcoins in space
Kevin Rose Founder of Digg
Those of us that understand that Bitcoin has the potential to change money forever. If you believe that a decentralized digital currency, free from government corruption and controlled by the masses is the future – then you’re in this camp. This is no easy road, there are going to be sell-offs, attempted regulation, and major unforeseen disasters. It’s not for the faint of heart. We could and probably will lose everything, but IF we pull this off, the results will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
Bitcoin is falling, again, here is why it really doesn't matter.
Ben Bernanke Former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve
In letter to Senate committee “to explore potential promises and risks related to virtual currency for the federal government and society at large”:
..while these types of innovations may pose risks related to law enforcement and supervisory matters, there are also areas in which they may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system
full letter to the Senate committee
Paul Buchheit Creator and lead developer of GMail
Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of money.
Alexis Ohanian Co-founder of reddit, investor in Coinbase and Buttercoin
I am cautiously optimistic about it — but I am intrigued
Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian: ‘I’m cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin’


Union Square Ventures Select portfolio: Twitter, Twillio, Kickstarter, Meetups Investor in Coinbase
We believe that Bitcoin represents something fundamental and powerful, an open and distributed Internet peer to peer protocol for transferring purchasing power. It reminds us of SMTP, HTTP, RSS, and BitTorrent in its architecture and openness
Y Combinator Investor in Coinbase and Buttercoin Select portfolio: Airbnb, Dropbox, reddit
Google Ventures Investor in Buttercoin Select portfolio: Nest, Uber, 23andMe
edit: do what you want with the list, copyrights of quotes and trademarks belong to respective owners, anything else is cc0
Kind of wish people could just edit it like a wiki as well
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Bitcoin payment no longer available

I'm getting my whole genome sequenced soon-ish and just did a test uploading my old 23andme file but apparently payment is only available through credit card. Bitcoin payment was there not so long ago (paid with it in September). Any chance of it making a comeback? Because I get charged 5 euros on foreign currency purchases on my credit card.
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[uncensored-r/BitcoinMarkets] Who will be the next Apple: 10 startups, which you should look in 2018

The following post by CryptoTrue is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link:
np.reddit.com/ BitcoinMarkets/comments/7uhzch
The original post's content was as follows:
Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), artificial intelligence technology, blockchain industry, biotechnology and autonomous car - the areas where work the most interesting projects in 2018.
The volume of venture capital investments in startups in 2017 reached a new record -. $ 148 billion four dozen startups for the first time entered the "club of the unicorns" - were rated higher than $ 1 billion The number of venture capital transactions decreased, and therefore, hedge funds have become more selective refers to investments. Some businesses prefer to run without any venture, and try their luck in one of the main trends in 2017 - ICO.
Less than the IPO, more bright start-up stories from Europe and China, more stringent requirements for assessing the reasonableness of the company - the main predictions for 2018 year in venture capital market. The following selected a dozen startups with venture capital, behind which is worth to watch.

Xiaomi, developer of mobile devices and software

Chinese Apple - manufacturer of devices from Beijing received that nickname back in 2014, mainly due to very similar to the iPhone smartphone and the sharp buzz around the device. In the same year, Xiaomi drew his last venture round - at $ 1.1 billion, which was featured DST Global.
Now the dust has settled a bit around Xiaomi: the company occupies 14% of the domestic market, behind Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. But Xiaomi ambitious plans for 2018 once again attracted the attention of investors.
According to Business Insider, the company began the selection banks for arranging of IPO, the results of which can get an estimate of $ 100 billion in July Xiaomi capitalization was estimated at 45 billion -. Between the last two rounds, it grew by 200%. IPO success can contribute to financial performance - according to Reuters, Xiaomi's revenue for 2017 may be 18% higher than the forecast, net profit - exceed $ 1 billion, and by the end of this year - double.

23andme, biotechnology

Another contender for the IPO, biotech company 23andme estimated in September to $ 1.5 billion startup founded by Anne Vozhitski (Ex-wife of Sergey Brin). Company now has two sources of income.
Firstly, the company has sold more than 2 million DNA test for the detection of predisposition to disease. Secondly, the collected test data 23andme sells research institutes. It will be interesting to see whether the company can develop the third line of monetization - developing its own medicine.

Safinus, exchange for novice and experienced investors

The platform will enable an experienced investors and crypto funds to create their portfolios of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, which in a few clicks will join novice investors. The platform will be output rating of portfolios and provide transparent reporting on each of them.
Crypto funds and experienced investors and traders will be able repeatedly to increase the volume of managed funds through a unique mechanism of joining newcomers to the investment portfolio.
By attracting private investors and beginners, who have not had previous opportunities to fully invest in the crypto industry, it is expected that Safinus platform will be one of the main channels through which will flow investment in ICO projects.

Magic Leap, AR and VR developer solutions

The company Magic Leap, whose secret development for three years did not prevent to catch Google and Alibaba in the number of investors, has also attracted the largest investment round of the fourth quarter 2017 - $ 500 million, but the main thing that startup has finally revealed in December, a prototype system of augmented reality.
Although about IPO of the company with an estimate of $ 6 billion, is still too early to say, the most interesting thing is expected in this year, when will commence delivery of the product Magic Leap One.

Niantic, AR-developer

Developer of blockbuster AR-game Pokemon Go risked to remain by a single application. However, two years later Niantic want to repeat the success - in November, the company raised $ 200 million investment and plans to launch the game Wizards Unite based on the Harry Potter.

Telegram, messenger

Do not cease rumors about ICO Telegram. According to TechCrunch, the sale of tokens of Gram Project Telegram Open Network (TON) is focused on the collection cryptocurrency amount equivalent to $ 1.2 billion - it will be a record for crypto industry, more than 4 times higher than the current leader FileCoin, who collected $ 257 million.
Based on the White Paper, Durov wants to create its own blockchain platform, competitor Bitcoin and Ethereum. With a high-bandwidth now some transactions take weeks, whereas TON promises speed comparable with payments with Visa or Mastercard. Perhaps the most important is the fact that already in the first quarter of 2018 messenger may overstep the mark of 200 million active users, which will create a critical mass for scaling cryptocurrency and building new infrastructure on it.

Transferwise, international money transfer service

Venture investors are not the first year look beyond Silicon Valley. And fintech segment alive thanks not for only cryptocurrencies. Service Transferwise from London - the center of the global financial industry - has challenged the main institutions of the industry: the banks. The company with an estimate of $ 1.6 billion works on reduction of tariffs for international currency transfers. Among investors - Richard Branson and Peter Thiel. Transferwise attracted a new round of $ 280 million at the beginning of November.
Why do you need to look on Transferwise right now? Transferwise have new competitors in the face of crypto wallets, and therefore, there was an additional incentive for product innovation. On last week Transferwise launched a new product - the international account with a debit card or Mastercard, support for up to 28 currencies and conversion rate that users can see in Google.

DocuSign, digital documents verification service

DocuSign, digital contracts platform, also plans to hold an IPO in 2018. The company recently attracted venture capital investments. Even in 2015 when company was measured in US $ 3 billion, has already reached the level of profitable and now, according to analysts, it is ready to either a public offering or a sale.
From the point of view of the product it is also interesting how the DocuSign will compete with smart contracts in blockchain and what will be the strategy of the company in 2018 with the new CEO Dan Springer.

Bytedance, AI media service

While Chinese manufacturers of devices have already won the international market, internet services (with the exception, perhaps, Aliexpress) has not yet mastered by users outside China. More interesting, when the Chinese startup has ambitious plans to enter the world, and in particular on the American market.
Company Bytedance, using artificial intelligence technology for the personalization of content, is well known in the domestic market of China. It is estimated at more than $ 20 billion and has a news aggregator Toutiao with 120 million users a day. In addition, Bytedance recently acquired mobile video service Musical.ly, which is already popular in the US, and French rival news aggregator News Republic.
From a business perspective, it is worth to look on international expansion Bytedance, but in terms of the product - in the AI ??development: the company has topped the list of 100 startups, leading AI-industry according to the CBI Insights, in terms of investment.

WayRay, developer of augmented reality technology for vehicles

Against the background of "unicorns" technology market a Swiss start-up with Russian roots WayRay looks modest. Today the company, which is developing AR-device and software for vehicles, has raised $ 30 million from investors including Alibaba Jack Ma's company, and is planning another round of $ 50 million.
In November WayRay won the Grand Prix Automobility LA competition for startups that are developing technology for cars. At CES-2018 the company after four years of development has shown the holographic AR-navigator prototype Navion and infotainment system with augmented reality for cars. If WayRay implements plans to release their first device - Navion - on the market, this year could be a turning point for the company.
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Bitcoins for bioinformatics/genetics!

Hi there, Bitcoin!
I'm currently a student who is about to graduate with a degree in biotech and jump straight into grad school for bioinformatics at RIT. Unfortunately, I'm having a lot of trouble scraping together the funds for grad school. I've been looking for ways to fix this, and a friend of mine told me about bitcoins.
So, here's the deal. I've been doing molecular biology and bioinformatics for about 6 years now. If any of you have had your genome or SNP profile sequenced by 23andMe or a similar service, or you just want to know a bit more about any genetic sequence or protein that you can think of, let me know and I will analyze the heck out of that thing and tell you everything you could possibly want to know. I can interpret SNP profiles, analyze full genomes, tell you more than you ever wanted to know about genetics.
I can offer you proof if you like, though I'm not sure what you'd like. If you want, just comment me a short gene sequence and I'll do a bit of analysis on that for you off the bat, though if you want me to do anything fairly complex I may ask for a small tip, as lots of analysis can be very time-intensive for me to do.
Thank you all very much!
I hope this post doesn't break any rules about soliciting or anything; if so, could someone point me at somewhere else where this post would be more appropriate? I did see Jobs4Bitcoin, but that place seems pretty much a ghost town.
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Can't process order?

Confused by this email. "Promethease.com Report has been unable to complete your order and would like to refund you by sending Bitcoin to a refund address."
Imported data from 23andme, all looked good, but then this message. What does it mean - couldn't import data, are we not processing 23andme anymore...can I use promethease?
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DNA test

I got a 23andme test for Christmas and was disappointed to learn that they no longer provide detailed health info due to restrictions by the FDA. I found another site that will allow you to import your data from 23andme to get all that info, but it's $5 and I don't have that right now. They accept cards and BTC (surprisingly). I almost have enough in my bitcoin wallet but I didn't know about transaction fees as this is my first time trying to buy something with bitcoin. I'm about 0.002 short.
Would someone be kind enough to gift me that amount so I can find out my health info?
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Gild Statistics for 2015-03-02

Data from last 1000 gilds in a total of 354 subreddits (bolded subreddits are abnormally gilded):
Ranking Subreddit Gild Count
1. /AskReddit 148
2. /pics 29
3. /funny 26
4. /circlejerk 25
5. /videos 19
6. /AdviceAnimals 15
7. /todayilearned 11
8. /gonewild 11
9. /WTF 10
10. /explainlikeimfive 10
11. /spheremasterrace 9
12. /news 9
13. /NoStupidQuestions 8
14. /leagueoflegends 8
15. /trees 8
16. /PhotoshopRequest 8
17. /worldnews 7
18. /GlobalOffensive 6
19. /Bitcoin 6
20. /nba 5
21. /movies 5
22. /feet 5
23. /pcmasterrace 5
24. /technology 5
25. /aww 5
26. /DestinyTheGame 5
27. /picrequests 4
28. /TrueReddit 4
29. /Drugs 4
30. /gaming 4
31. /soccer 4
32. /SubredditDrama 4
33. /mildlyinteresting 4
34. /buildapc 4
35. /BitTippers 4
36. /raisedbynarcissists 4
37. /politics 4
38. /atheism 4
39. /relationships 3
40. /redditgetsdrawn 3
41. /personalfinance 3
42. /science 3
43. /nfl 3
44. /SignatureRequests 3
45. /sweden 3
46. /IAmA 3
47. /smashbros 3
48. /thatHappened 3
49. /NASCAR 3
50. /fatpeoplehate 3
51. /DotA2 3
52. /KotakuInAction 3
53. /rupaulsdragrace 3
54. /australia 3
55. /cringepics 3
56. /gifs 3
57. /SFGiants 3
58. /Christianity 3
59. /loseit 3
60. /SquaredCircle 3
61. /SuicideWatch 3
62. /2007scape 2
63. /pornID 2
64. /NewOrleans 2
65. /Jokes 2
66. /IWantToLearn 2
67. /askgaybros 2
68. /cigars 2
69. /army 2
70. /nursing 2
71. /HouseOfCards 2
72. /Xcom 2
73. /oculus 2
74. /washingtondc 2
75. /actuallesbians 2
76. /colorizationrequests 2
77. /bestof 2
78. /trashy 2
79. /StrugglePorn 2
80. /pokemon 2
81. /mildlyinfuriating 2
82. /osugame 2
83. /mflb 2
84. /Nootropics 2
85. /britishproblems 2
86. /MLS 2
87. /Games 2
88. /mylittlepony 2
89. /GamerGhazi 2
90. /23andme 2
91. /Sacramento 2
92. /harrypotter 2
93. /hockey 2
94. /EmDrive 2
95. /zen 2
96. /Fitness 2
97. /FIFA 2
98. /AskWomen 2
99. /Music 2
100. /hiphopheads 2
101. /amiibo 2
102. /running 2
103. /TalesFromRetail 2
104. /WritingPrompts 2
105. /quityourbullshit 2
106. /woahdude 2
107. /theydidthemath 2
108. /ArcherFX 2
109. /OnePercentLifeProTips 2
110. /DarkNetMarkets 2
111. /ShitAmericansSay 2
112. /tifu 2
113. /CrazyIdeas 2
114. /NoFap 2
115. /rugbyunion 2
116. /Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 2
117. /HighStakesSpaceX 2
Subreddits with less than 2 gilds are not shown.
If you're a mod or just a user, consider linking here to show your subscribers how you rank up against other subreddits!
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Supporting 23andMe 23andMe results, I'm STUNNED 2019 NEWS: Avoid Cryptsy. 23andMe returns. Bitcoin & Bittorrent have baby. 23andMe  Emily Dabrant Conley My 23andMe Results

A 23andMe testing kit. Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for LARAS. Topline: DNA and health testing giant 23andMe said it laid off 100 people—14% of its workforce—on Thursday as the company ... limit my search to r/Bitcoin. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" site:example.com find submissions from "example.com" url:text search for "text" in url selftext:text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or ... 23andMe's actions speak loudly about their true position on personal health data ownership by not allowing individuals to control their own data and blocking each person's ability to freely share that data with any organization they choose, using the same API technology. It flies in the face of the mission of CMS, and the MyHealthEData initiative and the goal of putting patients first. “By ... TimiDNA notes that 23andMe has signed a $300 million deal with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that will give GSK access to 23andMe’s records in order to study drug targeting. Although dissatisfied 23andMe users may want to switch to TimiDNA or other services, there is a roadblock: 23andMe has prevented its customers from moving their data to other platforms. Last month, 23andMe said it cut 14% of its jobs. Anne Wojcicki, chief executive officer and co-founder of 23andMe Inc., speaks at a conference in Los Angeles last week. Photographer: Kyle Grillot ...

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Supporting 23andMe

วีดีโอถึงความเป็นมา วิธีใช้และข้อดี-เสียของบิทคอยน์ Information and Pictures sources below http ... Tweet me @libtardamerica http://www.twitter.com/libtardamerica Beauty and the Beta Podcast on Sundays at 9 PM ET http://bit.ly/1WC1TBI Ways To Donate: -PayPa... Gönn dir hier geilen Merch: https://lolingo.de/open-mind/ Open Mind unterstützen auf Patreon: http://bit.ly/2JyI1ze Folgt mir auf Telegram um die Videos vorz... HEYYYYEYYYYEYE GUys TodAY I Found Out i'm 3% African and 100% swag Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1foeTuAK9YA&t=29s BYEYEYEYEYYEE Finde mit mir außergewöhnliche Orte sowie interessante Investments wie Bitcoin, Altcoins, Blockchainunternehmen aber auch Aktien und Immobilien. Du blickst 5...